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He is the true comfort!! Hawaii Update- WEEK TWO

Week two has officially come to a close!

I called my mom this week and told her that I feel like the past two weeks have taught me more about the Lord's character than any other season of my life. When Jesus is all you have, you discover that He is truly all you need! Things that I once only KNEW about the Lord, my heart is starting to personally FEEL... and I can't wait to share what I am processing with you!


We jokingly called this week "heaven week", which was a play on words for "hell week" in athletics (idk, ask Olivia, I don't play sports hahaha). Bottom line, this week was filled to the brim with church activities, most days having an event in the morning and in the evening! This provided a beautiful opportunity to practice relying on the Lord's daily grace again. When I woke up in the morning, I sat at Jesus's feet and asked him for enough energy to tackle the day, and He didn't disappoint. I slept HARD, but woke up every morning excited and ready to love on God's kids!!

Kid-Tern Week

This week was kid-tern week!!! Woohooo! The interns had the opportunity to raise up the next generation of the church! Every day this week, we hung out with the sweet kiddos of UABC and taught them what it looks like to be the church! We did this through serving the kid's ministry with organizational projects, bible studies through the New Testament, making videos, teaching them how to lead the younger kids in Bible discussions, and playing lots of fun games along the way!

Island Adventures

We also had a chance to explore a little bit more of the island! One of my favorite parts about my job is getting to spend time with local families, seeing their favorite places, and trying their favorite foods! This week I tried poke for the first (and probably last) time, Spam Musubi, Malasadas, Japanese-style soft-serve, more shave ice, and local garlic shrimp! Yay for becoming a little more adventurous with foods!

We also went to Kailua beach, which I think is quickly becoming one of my favorite beaches on the island! After being introduced to this beach by a family, Olivia and I have already been back to enjoy the calm waves and soft sand again! The Lanikai pillbox hike had a Pinterest-perfect view, and was made better with Lanikai juice afterward!


The Lord has met me in this new place in a way that is different than any way I have experienced before. I read a quote this week that said "What is faith, if not trusting. in something that will only make sense in reverse?", and I think that it perfectly describes the journey the Lord currently is walking me through.

Than any COMFORT

I grew up hearing the term "the Lord is my comfort", but somewhere in my faith journey, I started to believe a misconception that this attribute of Jesus meant that, when I was remaining in His love, I would feel comfortable on earth. Y'all, that's PROSPERITY GOSPEL!

The first few weeks that I am in a new place, whether it be an island overseas or back in Waco after an extended period at home, I always experience an odd feeling of a "lost sense of home" while I get readjusted. But now, after wrestling with the Lord about this concept, I am beginning to learn that comfort is a GIFT, not something I am entitled to. I never want to feel a sense of "home" on earth... because this world is NOT my home! I am asking the Lord to strip away my longing for earthly comfort, and instead work on trusting Him in uncomfortable situations!

My pastor JP always says, "If dependence on God is the goal, weakness is your advantage". I want to live my life outside of my comfort zone, where God is all I have and he is all I need!


I finished studying 1 John this week as well, where I was captivated by the idea of REMAINING in the Lord's love. How sweet the Father is, to love me unconditionally when I could never fully love Him back until I am with Him in eternity! His perfect sacrifice should be where I am finding my worth. I am currently preaching this concept over myself- that I would love others from an overflow of the love I am accepting from Jesus, free of people-pleasing and striving! They will know us by our LOVE!

Prayer Requests

Approaching the middle of my time in Hawaii, here are some ways that you can be praying for me!

  • Sweet time with my parents while they are on the island, free of homesickness!

  • Endurance, relying on God daily for strength

  • That kids would come to know Jesus!!

  • I would search for comfort in Jesus instead of social media, my works, friends, boys, approval of man, etc!

Love you all!! Talk to you soon!

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