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February Scripture Memory- REST

Hey all! February is my absolute favorite month and I am giddy to be writing to you today!

I have been seeing the major benefits of scripture memory in my life recently. I want to be a gal who is sharp with the sword of the spirit when the enemy tries to attack!

Recently, I've also been seeing the theme of REST reoccurring throughout my quiet time. While the Lord used to watch me burn to the end of my rope before choosing rest, I have been seeing how sweet it is to carve out time to spend with Him. Refreshing my soul in His presence is the most important thing I can do for my mental health, academic vigor, and eternal attentiveness in college! (I even wrote a post about it... read it here!)

With that being said, I created a couple of cute, printable scripture memory cards of a couple of my FAVORITE verses on rest right now! I am planning on putting them in my car, on my notebooks, or around my room as a way to keep practicing and memorizing the word of the Lord! I included the images below so that you can join me!

One of the easiest ways for me to memorize is to write down the first letter of each word, so I created a printable in this format as well! It's the most fun quiz you'll ever take! Happy memorizing! Happy resting!


memory cards- rest
Download PDF • 230KB

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