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My Drive and My Passion

I became a Christian when I was 5 years old and have loved the adventure of walking with Jesus ever since. 

He has been my closest friend and greatest comfort through every stage of life, rescuing me from my own self-righteousness and overthinking mind over and over again.

The Lord has placed a passion on my heart to create and inspire others to embrace the truth of His word and to encourage believers to move beyond casual Christianity into a life of service and surrender. My dream is to use the gifts He has given me to sing His praises for the rest of my days.

Some of the current things I am dreaming about for the future: 

  • The longevity of missions, focussing on community building and authentic relationships over quick conversions- meeting needs and showing genuine love in the name of Jesus

  • Believing that it is not our job or pride as Christians to “save”, but our mission and purpose to serve

  • Creating teaching resources that are applicable and easily transferable outside of church walls

  • Equipping church members to become church leaders in marginalized communities 

  • Inspiring cultural Christians in embracing gospel sincerity and the great commission

  • Dreaming up projects based on genuine and personal assessments of community needs 

  • Making the church feel small, leading through community living

  • Holding fast to Biblical truth despite opposition 

  • Making the gospel attractive through genuine living and Holy Spirit sanctification

My life in pictures

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