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I just love that we could spend every waking moment of our time on Earth exploring who God is, and yet we would still not scratch the surface of His complete holiness, goodness, and righteousness.

If you have been reading the blog for a while, (or honestly if you have ever had a convo with me- because I love slipping the phrase "word of the year" into every conversation in January lololol), you'd probably remember that I am a BIGGG word of the year girl. But, after a tricky year of trying to unpack how my previous word, celebrate, fit into a year marked with change, grief, and growth, I almost abandoned the "word of the year" trend altogether. Thank goodness I didn't!!

Toward the end of 2021, I was doing my darndest to celebrate life, but it was all a product of my own striving. Naturally, that failed pretty quick. I started shoving down every negative emotion in the name of celebration... yikes. What's more, I was praying empty songs of celebration to the Lord in hopes that my heart would start to believe them instead of just being honest with the Lord when things were difficult.

Don't get me wrong, I saw the ways the Lord moved last year in crazy ways! Just reading my goals from last year, my jaw hits the floor thinking about the timid girl I was a year ago. He has made me BOLD! He has made me PASSIONATE! THANK YOU JESUS! But now, I'm ready to take the next step.

Here's the bonkers thing: you can't fully celebrate a God you don't know! Romans talks about how when are ignorant of the Lord's righteousness, and yet still try to serve Him, we are actually just a slave to an idea of righteousness we created in our minds (Romans 10:3). I don't want to believe in Katie's version of what she thinks the gospel is... I want to believe in the ONLY gospel that can save- the gospel of JESUS!

And so, (drum roll!), my word of the year is REVERENCE!! God is holy holy holy. Man, I have such a limited understanding of that. I really believe that an increased view of God is so so important- truly, it's what we need to be building our faith upon. I want to spend this year just exploring the character of who God is. How do I find my identity in HIS story that spreads across scripture and is written throughout generations of believers? As January comes to a close, I can already see the way this shifted perspective has changed my relationship with my maker.

He is abundantly kind to even put breath in my lungs. I am unworthy to call on His name. But, not only is He approachable and available, but he changed my name from "outcast" to "DAUGHTER!" Chose people! Royal priesthood! Holy Nation! His special possession!

How can it be that we are His? How can it be that He desired intimacy with us so deeply that He humbled himself to become like us? WHAT? How, that He would share in every doubt, fear, and temptation that we would ever fear, and yet still commit no sin?

Jesus was honest with Abba Father when He wished there was anyway but the cross, and yet, scorning its shame, counting himself as nothing, He gave Himself as the ransom for my salvation! HE DEFEATED DEATH! And this becomes an even bigger deal when we rid ourselves of fake celebration- our whole lives are marked with loss and grief, yet Jesus defeated the grave! HELLO! That's a cause for REAL CELEBRATION- a celebration filled with true HOPE!!!

The wrath of God was satisfied in Jesus- ugh, how do we even begin to comprehend that statement? He suffered a criminal's death, thinking of His love for US with his final breaths. And, He did not despise the cross! When all hope seemed lost, He rose again! His breath gave strength to the weak, hope to the hopeless, power to the timid, promise to the wandering, family to the orphans... for GENERATIONS this is who He has been, who He is now, and who He will be forever!


And now, we have a job to do. He has taken me, an outcasted sinner, and made me a coworker for the sake of the gospel! We have the good news! Let's share it!

This is the God I want to know. My prayer is that this year, I would be filled with an increased reverence for who my God is. Our reverence for Him is what should drive my obedience- anything else is my own striving and a counterfeit gospel!

Thank you, God, for being patient with us while we learn and for teaching us in your own timing. You're all we want! Who you are is enough! JIREH (sorry, I had to hehe).

Love you guys! Until next time!

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