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To the Girl Going Through Virtual Recruitment

Dear sweet friend,

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that life doesn't go exactly as planned. My heart hurts for your class specifically, and I have to admit that if I were in your shoes, I would really be struggling with my recruitment being virtual. Rush week was something that I had been looking forward to my entire life. If you're like me, you have spent nights dreaming of meeting the different chapters and experiencing bid day. While I am BEYOND excited for you all to see what chapters have prepared for you via Zoom, I think it's also more than okay to acknowledge the sadness that may be present.

Although I can not pretend that I know exactly how you feel, I want you to know that I am here with you, in the muck of disappointment that the past year has relentlessly thrown our way. I want to remind you of how loved you are. I want to remind you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. And more than anything, I want to remind you of your worth found in Christ Jesus that absolutely nothing can take away from you.

That being said, here are my top three tips for taking on Sorority Recruitment and some truths that helped me get through the week. You got this, girl!


This might be my favorite piece of advice that I received when I was going through recruitment!! Every sorority contains an incredible room of women who all bring something unique and special to the table. For me, I created a mental list of questions/topics that I would be sure to talk about with girls to determine which chapter most aligned with my values and aspirations!

Here are a couple of the things I tried to keep at the forefront of conversation while I was in each room:

  • Talking about what I had been reading in scripture that day

  • Asking members about their rush experience and if they had tips or tricks

  • Talking about my dreams boldly and confidently

  • Being honest about how rush week was going and letting the Lord shine through my weaknesses

  • Asking the members their favorite thing about their sorority and sisterhood

Remember that as much as the chapters are interviewing you, you are also interviewing them! You have a choice about the sisterhood you end up in. Search for girls you aspire to become! You are SO LOVED and deserve to find sisters who make you feel loved for who you are!


Oh, man! Full vulnerability! Girl, I STRUGGLED the weeks leading up to rush week because my face was breaking out! I really and truly thought that if I had a pimple that my foundation couldn't cover-up a sorority would drop me! I imagined the worst-case scenarios: that I would slip up on my words, trip over my heels, or have a major wardrobe malfunction as I was speaking.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made and who you are is enough. Leave your fear at the door and come with all of your imperfections. A sisterhood that does not encourage you and uplift you at your worst is not what you want to be apart of anyway. Seek after girls who will celebrate life with you for what it truly is- a bundle of highs and lows, ups and downs, and clear-skin days and breakouts. ;)


I will never forget day three of my rush week when I had the opportunity to share my testimony with a girl in her chapter room. Above all, sorority recruitment is a beautiful opportunity to share the gospel and point others towards Christ. You have an abundance of girls focussed solely on you who want to know all about your story... sounds like the perfect scenario to proclaim the good news to me!!

The best way to have a successful recruitment week is to make it about Jesus. When Jesus is in the spotlight, bid or no bid, you will have peace, hope, and joy that surpasses all understanding. Spend time in prayer and in the word before starting each day! Invite him into your conversations! Seek out opportunities to name drop Him in your conversations! He is with you and for you!!!

If you aren't sure where to read, here is a quick devotional you can follow along with through your week!


DAY ONE- Identity in Him

Psalm 63 (His love is better than life, and HE is our source of identity)

DAY TWO- Trust The Lord

Proverbs 3 (He makes straight the paths of those who seek Him)

DAY THREE- On The Rock

Matthew 6:25-34 & 7:24-29 (Do not be anxious, seek first the kingdom, build your house on solid foundation)

DAY FOUR- Made Alive

Ephesians 2:1-10 (From death to life, we have been saved through his kindness to do His work!)

TRAVEL DAY- Commit Your Plans

Proverbs 16 (The Lord has prepared everything for his purpose and makes straight your path)

BID DAY- Clothe Yourself

Colossians 3:12-17 (Let the Word richly dwell within you so that you shine before others!)


With you and for you, sweet friend!! You can do this!!!!!

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