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Summer Plans and Trusting Through Transition

Happy SUMMER, woohoo!!

My sophomore year at Baylor came to a close only three weeks ago, though my time at home has made college life feel like a completely different past world! As soon as my finals came to a close, I made my way back to my family and my sweet hometown. The slow-paced nature of home has been great for recharging and prepping my heart for my upcoming summer adventure!! But more on that later ;)


Here's a fun scrapbook of how I have been filling my time!

Besides keeping up with my online part-time job, I dedicated these short weeks at home to finding rest and reconnecting with my soul. It was such an unexpected blessing to have time alone to process the semester and to realize ways that the Lord had been moving.

I started and finished "The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry" by John Mark Comer while sitting by the pool. The message was extremely convicting, challenging me to continue the feeling of slowness and rest that I was experiencing on my time off from school into the next semester!

I was able to take a quick trip to Waco with my family to move into my new HOUSE! The drive up was just my mom and me, and we enjoyed our time together playing one of my FAV games, WE ARENT REALLY STRANGERS. My mentor recommended this game to me, and mom and I had a blast going through the intentional questions that sparked a deep convo!

While in Waco, I got to reconnect with some of my besties, visit my Waco church, and spend time organizing my new room! After all the furniture was moved and built (thanks dad), my parents journeyed home and Mal stayed behind, leaving us alone for some fun sister time!


Through the quiet and less-eventful days at home, my mind has had more time to just...spin. The Lord has been showing me that I LOVE being busy for all of the wrong reasons. The constant business makes me feel as though I have a sense of purpose and often will distract me from confronting any anxious thoughts that may be twirling around my mind. In slowing down, taking the time to acknowledge my thoughts and fears, the Lord was able to remind me of His sovereignty and great love that surpasses earthly comfort. A couple of my key takeaways from this time:

  • The Lord is absolutely in control of absolutely everything... and this doesn't have to be a scary thought, but a freeing one! (Proverbs 3:5-6)

  • When you are feeling tempted or your mind feels overwhelmed and scared with intrusive thoughts, tell someone you trust!! Bring sins and anxieties to the light! You are never alone! (1 Peter 5:9)

  • In Jesus alone do we find true rest for our souls. While scrolling on Insta, watching episode after episode of Jane the Virgin (guilty), or taking lots of long naps is fun and tempting, it will not RESTORE you the way Jesus will. I'm learning balance! (Psalm 62:1)

  • The enemy is always going to try and convince you that you are not qualified or capable for what the Lord is calling you to. Chose OBEDIENCE and COURAGE over fear. (Romans 8:30)


In just under a week, I will be headed to HAWAII to begin a six-week church internship, woohoo!!! Although I am not exactly sure what life holds for me after college, I know that I always want ministry to be a part of my life. This internship is going to be so so cool because, not only will I get to find purpose, but I will get to serve others while doing it!! This adventure both scares and excites me! It pushes me out of my comfort zone in a beautiful way, and I am just beyond thrilled to see what the Lord is going to teach me!

I am going to do my best to update this blog weekly while away. In the meantime, here are some ways you can be praying for me if you feel lead!

  • Peace for my first time flying alone!

  • I am deeply studying 1 Peter 5:6-11 right now and am currently praying it over my summer!

  • That I would prioritize and find true rest

  • That I would have a teachable spirit and allow God to rid my heart of any spiritual arrogance

  • Book productivity :)

Let me know what you are up to this summer and if there are any ways I can be praying for you! Especially all the friends at camp-- send me your address and let's be pen pals!!



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