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3 Spotify Playlists to Kick Off 2021

Hey there, friends!

What better way to kick off a new year than with playlists created to help you crush your goals, worship your creator, and celebrate your moments big and small? Luckily for you, as a self-proclaimed Spotify Playlist expert (jokes, of course), I have crafted a couple of playlists that I hope will inspire and motivate you!

Take a listen and let me know what ya think!


First up is a playlist to help your morning start off on the right foot! This assortment of songs combines upbeat, inspiring worship music with some fun, classic secular songs! Startup the Keurig and hit shuffle for a happy start to your day!


This next Playlist definitely exposes my love for Pride and Prejudice and classical piano. Sometimes, words just don't fully capture the feeling of the heart, and this Playlist is perfect for sitting in those feels. Or, turn this playlist up for soothing and romantic background music as you drive, finish homework, or enjoy a slow Saturday!


I recently received a mini disco ball to hang on the mirror of my car and I can honestly say driving has become so much more fun now that it's there! On my first drive with the disco ball, as the sun hitting it made sparkles fly all over the interior of my car, I crafted this upbeat playlist of pump-up driving songs sure to make you smile!

I am always on the hunt for new music and fun playlists, so send your favs my way too!! May 2021 be the year of the dance parties!

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